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About Tenreni Computers

Tenretni Computers is a full-service website design and hosting company.  Originally started in 1999, we have been providing solutions for the last 17 years.

And even though we is really just an I, we offer the same if not better level of customer service to our clients.  Tenretni is headed by Jeremy Luby, a "computer geek" who always is trying to stay on top of the lastest trends and techniques.  He has been building websites big and small for over a decade. He started Tenretni as a way to provide excellent websites for small businesses around the states of Kansas and Missouri, but by using the power of the internet, he has expanded to include clients all parts of the United States, and several other countries including New Zealand, Canada, and Japan. read more about Jeremy Luby

So that is enough about us. . .
What matters most is out clients.  We attempt and usually succeed to get all brand new websites built within 3 weeks, all changes done within 24 hours under most circumstances.


Thanks for getting us up and running. We are excited about all the changes and ideas. I think the site looks GREAT!
Paige S. - TDS Rocks

LOVE the new changes to the site!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work. I know Kent, Paige and myself REALLY appreciate all you great ideas and classy work.
Bre J. - TDS Rocks

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Why Choose Us

With over 10 years of building websites, you can trust that your site will be in good hands.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, quick turnaround on requests and reasonable pricing.