Main Services

Website Management and Maintenance

Our most popular solution . . . we build it, you maintain it.

Picture this . . . it is late on a Friday night, you are not sure whether you can get an update done to your website by tomorrow morning. We can build a website so you and only you can update it. We will build your site so that anytime you want, you just log into your site, add photos, update text, change pretty much anything you want to using a very friendly user interface.

Starting at $800.00 (one time charge)

And a close second . . . we build it, we maintain it.

If you want us to do it all, we are more than willing to make all your changes for you whenever you need them.  We try to make all updates within 24 hours of receiving a request from you.

Starting at $500.00 (one time charge) + $ when there are changes needed

Winning the bronze . . . someone else built it, we maintain it.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a quick change to your website and you cannot get your current provider to do it for a reasonable cost, or in the time you need it done.  We are more than willing to work with your current provider to either get the site transferred to Tenretni or to give Tenretni access to update your site.

Pricing varies